Captain Gedras Harker

Captain of the Redwatch Outpost in Loudwater.


A stocky man, balding, with a grey and black beard. Gedras has seen many years of harsh fighting, living, and even harder injustice at the hands of the world around him. It shows in the many lines on his face and the seriousness in his eyes.


Gedras Harker is originally of Westgate, along the Dragon Coast in the Sea of Stars. An orphan raised in a small orphanage in the large city, Gedras was left to his own fate much of the time. He learned much from the dockworkers and merchants in the port city and as he grew older, spent more than his fair share of time in the city jail. It was there he had his first confrontation with the Night Masks, the thieves guild of Westgate, at the young age of 13.

Much of the next ten years were spent learning the trade of the thieves in various cities along the coast of the Sea of Stars, places that, if things became too hot for him, he could vanish from in a ship’s hold. Just after his 23rd year, however, he ran afoul of the Redwatch First Commander of Lyrabar, a dwarf named Bilan Mirewood. Rather than send the young man to the stockades and eventually, his death, he took Gedras with him when he left Lyrabar and headed west towards Baldur’s Gate. Mirewood saw something in Gedras, something that could inspire the men around him. Something that the dwarf believed could be useful to Redwatch. So began Gedras’ life in the Company and he never looked back.

Gedras was taken into an apprenticeship by Bilan Mirewood and followed with him during most of the dwarfs missions and adventures. Upon Bilan taking over as Captain of the Kiris Dahn outpost, Gedras was Mirewood’s first and only choice for First Commander. The pair served faithfully in Kiris Dahn for nearly a decade.

With resources low in Kiris Dahn and Mirewood’s belief that trouble was on the horizon for the city, Gedras was sent to the Redwatch Headquarters in Waterdeep to petition for supplies and more men. His Captain believed that even though the city denied the offered help of the mercenary company, it was still their duty to protect the innocent of Kiris Dahn. Unfortunately, the Redwatch Command in Waterdeep did not believe that as completely as Bilan Mirewood did. Reiterating that they were there to offer help to those that asked for it, those that would compensate them for such work, Gedras was given only a handful of young recruits and marginal supplies to take back to Kiris Dahn. However, before Gedras could even leave the Great City, news of the fall of Kiris Dahn came by bird to Redwatch Command, along with news of the death of his Captain, Bilan Mirewood.

It was only a short year later that the outpost in the town of Loudwater was established by Redwatch, mostly at the behest of Gedras Harker. He felt a sense of responsibility to the region that he felt he had failed to protect a year previous. Named Captain of the outpost called Varen’s Hall, a former manor home in the ever-growing Loudwater, he has maintained a close watch on the city, all while still staying within the ideas and rules of Redwatch.

Gedras is a down-to-earth man, more willing to sit and drink with his men than lead them from his office in Varen’s Hall. He’ll treat with anyone that brings respect to his rank and Hall, and is willing to help those that need it. He has a deep dislike for goblins and those that associate with them due to the events of Kiris Dahn, and is notoriously short-tempered when dealing with them. His current goal is to find a suitable successor for the Valen’s Hall, someone he feels that his predecessor would approve of, so he can return to Waterdeep to try to influence policy change within the Company.

Captain Gedras Harker

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