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Ten years ago, death came to the city of Kiris Dahn when the power of the Slaying Stones failed the city. Goblins overran it’s walls, murdered many and drove the rest to the four winds.

Now, the Redwatch Company of Loudwater, an outpost of mercenaries and sellswords, have been asked to look into the possibility of a new danger rising in Kiris Dahn. The goblins are amassing once again and a Woods Witch named Treona, a survivor of the sacking of Kiris Dahn, claims she knows of a way to protect Loudwater from the horde’s wrath.

Can Treona be trusted?

What is the power she claims can protect the people of Loudwater from the massive goblin army?

Can Redwatch find the answers be found before the reavings begin?

Will Loudwater, and any others in the path of the goblins, meet the same fate as Kiris Dahn?

Home Page

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